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A Facebook page for Leafs Connected

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Just an update i cleaned up the page and paid to get it boosted hope it attracts more visitors to your site @Raiden ....now i figured out how to add a moderator and an editor if anyone is interested just message me....All i need is for someone to be more active than me lol and that is not asking a lot cause i am not very active lately.

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2 hours ago, AoR said:

I was thinking the other day of reaching out to the Nic Cage  fb group and seeing if they would be willing to work with us and join the forum.

I see no issue.  

Place is getting sparse.  


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I miss the ladies and their spark and the energy Lox and Rocky had on here....things have been a virtual sausage fest on here with the exception of @Johnny's Home who is one of the boys so to speak lmao!  We have to try to be less uninviting for the new members....maybe keep the kid gloves on first the first few months till they get acclimated to our site first and how the long time members cohabitate. 

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