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Eagles signing Mark Sanchez rofl @@Raiden

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(14 hours counts as abit)


Is there even any point in caring bout the Bills this year lol 2012 they were supposed to be playoff contenders, and finished the year the exact same way they've been for past 12 years.


Draft Geno Smith, get rid of Fitzpatrick,fix up the defense,and run the ball more during games!


All that and hopefully Bills turn into a team that can win at least 9 games.

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quote in Peter Kings monday morning QB from an NFC head coach

"Of all the people here at the combine, the one person you don't want to
be is him [Manti Teo] . Seriously, I'd rather have six positive drug tests, a DUI, a
domestic abuse charge and some theft incidents than have to deal with
all the questions that guy's going to face. He's going to be probed by
most of the teams, and all of you guys, until his head is spinning.''


im willing to bet a significant amount of money Jim Schwartz said that

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I've been saying to my friends we're going to end up with this kid somehow.  Schwartz will be like "wait, your girlfriend was fake?  So this means you couldn't beat her... welcome to the club.  Check with Fairley if you need some weed."



Te'o did say that not too many are taking a lot of time on it, but I don't buy it.

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Adam Schefter


Chiefs will trade second-round pick

this year - the top pick in second round - as well as another

conditional mid-round pick in 2014.


a bit much for my liking



That doesn't seem like enough to me at least. Granted I'm not quite as up on the value of draft picks in the NFL. But for a guy who can be a sure-fire starter in the NFL a couple of picks doesn't seem to be nearly as much as they could have got for him.

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Mike Florio: "Teams what to know about the elephant in the room that they can't ask.  They wany to know if Manti Te'o is gay."


They went on to talk about how it's because of how teammates and opponents would react, not about them actually caring about his orientation.  Kinda seems like the same thing though.

Shouldn't matter to them, that shouldn't effect how or where he gets drafted. Gay or not, ask about the other shit. Being gay shouldn't be the issue..

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As the one-year anniversary of the release of Peyton Manning approaches, our buddy Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star

is teasing us all via Twitter with snippets from what appears to be a

wide-ranging and eye-opening interview with Colts owner Jim Irsay.

Here’s the first tweet that made me do the Kramer head jerk:  Irsay says that, in 2004, G.M. Bill Polian wanted to trade Peyton.

We’ll have to wait for the article to get more information regarding

the reasons for Polian’s pitch.  It could be that he realized Peyton,

whose rookie contract had expired, wanted more money than the Colts

could justify paying.  Or it could be that there was a team that Polian

believed would make a Herschel Walker-style offer.


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