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  1. I’m not holding my cheeks open for you... spread them yourself cowboy 🤠
  2. The magic of asking questions and being open to being informed eh?
  3. What minority group do “all immigrants” fall under again? Or do u mean immigrants who don’t wear poppies are a minority group of their own?
  4. Her spin was she wasn’t talking about all white people.... just the ones that hurt her.
  5. So why should one be fired and not the other? remember only one of them made racist remarks..... and the other one was fired. I look forward to your response.
  6. Likely a test to see if the other side would agree with their own tactics or be hypocritical. Which do you think will happen?
  7. I bet it says something like that over your baby pictures at your parents house 😜
  8. Lol. you still mad I tricked you into arguing my side?
  9. And I’m not trying to bring him back. its really more about the ignorance displayed by those who fear questions and understanding.
  10. I’m not suggesting we should all like or agree with what he says.... I sure don’t. Im only suggesting we ask questions and be informed rather than just reacting and then standing by that initial reaction with their fingers plugging their ears.
  11. The funny part to me is how angry posters are at me for simply suggesting we ask questions and find out what he really meant. And I even stated from the beginning that I disagreed with his message lol. I think it’s a great example of people just enjoying the safety and bliss of ignorance.
  12. I have to say I haven’t listened to Cherry in years either.... I just heard the shit storm the next day and watched it at that point lol. He fumbles and trips over his words so much now that it’s hard to figure out what he’s saying or meaning anymore.
  13. See? You label me as prejudice without asking questions. If you asked questions you would know I am not prejudice at all. This is my point proven really. Dont just cry offended.... have skin thick enough to listen to what people are saying and ask questions to find out what they meant. I know it may get in the way of the joys of being righteous and offended.... but you may actually learn something.
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