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  1. I feel like Mitch is the new Willy for the fans to scapegoat when it’s going wrong. Mitch is a talent, there is no doubt about it, but he just does not fit in here for whatever reason, where as I was always confident Willy had it and he is proving this every time he pulls on the uniform at the moment.
  2. Keefe and possibly Dubas have to be gone in the morning. This is absolute no hope and no ideas stuff from both of them. We need fresh ideas and to trade Marner and JT so we bolster in the right places. These players look deflated / defeated and I’m pretty sure that’s mainly down to Keefe. Certainly I got the impression watching All or Nothing that his people skills are horrendous, and its showing in player attitudes now.
  3. Have to agree here. it’s time to start playing real hockey, not fantasy league stat driven nonsense.
  4. First a quick move to make imo has to be punt Keefe and promote Paul Maclean to head coach even in the interim to see how it works.
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