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  1. Engvall is hockey stupid. Last night he iced the puck with 11 seconds left in a one goal game. Tonight a blind pass cross ice giveaway to open scoring.
  2. Yes, and nobody wanted Engvall so we kept him lol
  3. With Matthew’s out, this lineup tonight would struggle to make the playoffs.
  4. I don’t have a problem with that....they’re both capable of shutting down top lines....the rest of the group is very watered down.
  5. My analysis on the team. Usually championship team are built from the net out, the leafs are the opposite. The leafs have 2 backup goaltenders as starters, they’re good but not top 15 so call it a weakness. The defence does not have a true number 1 pairing D, more of a second pairing on top D around the league, and the rest are just average. that said, I see this team not in the top 3, and fighting for a playoff spot.
  6. ^^I agree, Engvall needs to go!!! Terrible hockey player.
  7. Watching the game tonight....correct me if I’m wrong please. Players trying to make the roster should be hitting and showing grit. However I see the opposite, our guys skate around like figure skaters!!! You would think this off-season and preseason would be about finding heart and grit for the playoffs.
  8. I’m back....how was the Joe Thornton experiment??? Lol Anyway, what’s Pierre Engvall still doing on the squad? That guy absolutely stinks!
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