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  1. If Woll asserts himself as a reliable back-up, I assume that means Mrazek and his $3.8M per become expendable. Yeah, it's still way too early to make such conclusions, but it's nice to have a decent goaltending prospect for once.
  2. The stretch in November is some of the best Leafs hockey I've ever watched (I know that's not saying much). Defensively, they've been as solid as I've ever seen. I think Jack is one of only three Leafs goalies in history to sport a sub-1.50 GAA over that span. That doesn't mean they've been perfect, but lots of guys have stepped up. I don't know if I'm convinced that we are now playoff contenders, but it has been really fun being a fan. Whatever happens, happens. Time will tell.
  3. I think he forgets sometimes that he's 6'2 and 230. He was invisible for the first ten games but started to play better (think he was on the fourth line?). But when you're trailing Engvall in goals, you know there's a problem.
  4. I was highly skeptical of Simmonds being resigned and more or less "guaranteed" a roster spot. But he has been really good this season. Full stop. I'm starting to doubt whether Ritchie will ever score again.
  5. I'd rather watch the live private sex room than read his shitty book.
  6. At what point does Team USA start seriously considering Campbell for the Olympics? I know they've got depth and Hellebuyck is their guy, but if he keeps this up he's worth a look.
  7. Agreed. He was pretty awful in a very limited role. Not saying he should sit per se, but there was nothing to like about his game.
  8. More bush league officiating, eh? Why is NHL officiating such a joke?
  9. They've already started the push. 7-3 in the last ten. Dumpster fire team that always spends to the cap.
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