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  1. canadaguy

    2021 Off-Season

    TSN says the picks are going from Philly to Arizona.
  2. I just read the rules now. Apparently Seattle has exclusive negotiating rights with any unprotected UFAs until the time that they have to submit their picks. That means that they don’t have to make the pick and then negotiate, but they can negotiate first, then pick the UFA if they’ve come to an agreement. If they haven’t, they can choose a different player.
  3. Aren’t Landeskog and Hamilton UFA? I wish this list had their free agency status included. It’s really hard to get a good read on things without that information.
  4. canadaguy

    2021 Off-Season

    True enough... let's go with me behaving like a civilized adult... rational might be pushing it.
  5. canadaguy

    2021 Off-Season

    Funny, I’ve never felt the need to throw personal insults at other members of this forum, even when they disagree with me. Then again, I am 45 years old and expect myself to behave like a rational adult.
  6. I read that an rfa who has received a qualifying offer can be exposed.
  7. canadaguy

    2021 Off-Season

    For 5 million they aren’t. I was just responding to Raiden’s comment about Drai not being able to drive a line. Drai can, Nuge can’t and that’s not going to change, but that contract is still very good for Nuge. I’m just pointing out that they still have a lot of work to do. The DRY line was very effective two years ago, but that leaves McDavid playing with guys like Archibald, Kassian and Neal. I also don’t think Yamamoto is a legit 2nd line player. If Holland can find two good second line players, those top 2 lines will be scary. We’ll see… his moves so far have been a mixed bag, but he
  8. canadaguy

    2021 Off-Season

    Maybe from the Toronto media. I live in Edmonton and that wasn’t the view here (except for some fans who just like to complain about anything). Also, there’s a bit of a difference between a 21 year old who “can’t drive a line” and a ten year vet who can’t. The Nuge signing is good at that cap hit. He’s a good complimentary player, but right now they have only 3 legit top 6 forwards (maybe 4 if Jesse Pjupju builds on last season). Holland has some work to do and this will be a big offseason for them. It looks on paper like they have a lot of cap room, but remember that Nurse will need
  9. canadaguy

    2021 Off-Season

    Drai can most certainly drive a line. RNH can’t. Putting Draisaitl on a line with Yamamoto and a plug isn’t fair to him. But if they can get a couple capable top six forwards, then their top two lines will be really dangerous. Just remind me, though… when was this trip to the conference finals? They’ve won one playoff round since McDavid arrived.
  10. canadaguy

    2021 Off-Season

    He isn’t the problem, but he also isn’t capable of driving a line at all. If he isn’t playing with McDavid or Draisaitl, he is useless offensively. But he is fine as a complimentary player and that’s what he’s being paid as now. Oilers have quite a bit of cap space, but that’s going to go quickly, because they have lots of holes to fill.
  11. canadaguy

    2021 Off-Season

    Tippett has his flaws, but their bottom six this year was AHL level and they couldn’t even put together a second line. If Nuge isn’t playing with one of McDavid or Draisaitl, he contributes no offence. If you separate McDavid and Draisaitl, then McDavid ends up with linemates like Kassian or Archibald. They need two or three top six forwards and then need to worry about a starting goalie and a top pairing defenceman or two. Hard to blame the coach when there just aren’t the players to put together any good combinations.
  12. Can’t blame him... I’d rather spend my time outside rather than working after a long Canadian winter!
  13. Maybe he just values having free time every spring.
  14. I really want to like Dubas. He seems like a good guy. Maybe one day he’ll be a great GM, but he is very inexperienced at this level. I hope he learns from his mistakes, whether that’s here or elsewhere.
  15. Ahhh... forgot Zaitsev! True. Martin was overpaid, but still not so much that it drastically affected the team. But Zaitsev... that was bad!
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