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  1. As a Leafs’ fan, I’m fine with abolishing the cap, as a hockey fan, I’m not sure. There are things that I like about it and things that I don’t. It does seem that the way they’ve set the cap up in the NHL leads to loopholes. You never really hear that problem in the NFL. Also, I don’t think you can completely blame the cap for the situation now. The pandemic and the GMs’ own greed/lack of awareness play a big part as well. Maybe the cap needs tweaking, but I wouldn’t be ready to scrap it just yet.
  2. If I recall correctly, the Canadian dollar was weak at the time too. There was no salary cap as well. Edmonton was a last minute save by a group of local of investors away from moving too. I’m not a big Bettman fan. Personally, I think the guy comes across as an arrogant twat, but the salary cap, which came in under his watch, could have potentially saved the Winnipeg and Quebec franchises at that time.
  3. Thanks for posting that, Taker of Dogs. I found it much more entertaining than I thought I would and I came out of it thinking that Spezza is just about the most likeable guy who’s ever donned a Leafs jersey.
  4. canadaguy

    NFL Thread

    Jesus… five missed field goals in the final 2:20 of the 4th quarter and then OT between the Packers and Bengals!
  5. If the Jays can just do their jobs through this final stretch and beat the teams they should beat, they should be in good shape. It really is remarkable how they’ve given themselves a legit shot after that cold streak a few weeks ago.
  6. Well done by the Jays. After this series, they finish up with the Twins, Yankees and Orioles, while the Yankees get the Red Sox, Jays and Rays.
  7. They also get two series against the Twins and one more against Baltimore, so that helps. If the Yankees keep up their play of late, that series could help too!
  8. They have, I think, six games against the Rays before the end of the season… those will be tough.
  9. My god… in the final 10 innings of the series against the Orioles, the Jays put up 33 runs!
  10. canadaguy

    2021 Off-Season

    Ha ha… I’m not sure I get this! I was just commenting on his Revenge of the Sith Vader-esque pose in the photo!
  11. canadaguy

    2021 Off-Season

    I can’t get James Earl Jones bellowing “Nooooooooooooooooo” out of my head when I look at that picture!
  12. Only 54 years??? You would make a pathetic Cubs or Red Sox fan!
  13. I watched a water polo match… what an odd event!
  14. No. I was really shocked that they brought him back after that game 7. It seemed like the perfect time for both parties to part company.
  15. I thought Gardiner needed a change of scenery after the first Boston series. I also didn't think the Leafs were ready to contend when JVR was here. Would have preferred to get something back for him.
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