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  1. He pretty clearly didn’t say it, if you watch the slow mo video. There’s very obviously a second voice saying “rag it... rag, rag,rag” and obviously the league agreed
  2. He’s pretty active with pride week. It would be a strange one.
  3. In the slowed down audio, it’s actually pretty convincing that a second voice says “rag it... rag, rag, rag” i listened to it like 75 times, and in the fast one I can clearly hear “fucking faggot” and in the slow one I hear fucking hook fuck... rag it... rag, rag, rag
  4. That was seriously selfish and pathetic. If they get another PP, babs should just run the second unit for 2 minutes. What a pathetic play.
  5. Rielly needs to play half the game tonight.
  6. Have we discussed the significance of Yegor Korshkov coming over when his team loses to SKA next week? SKA was second in the KHL... had a goal differential of +129 and allowed only 80 goals in 62gp. If it isn’t a sweep I’ll be mind blown. I’m assuming he’ll join the marlies for the rest of the season
  7. He’s had a few good games with Gards and derms out. Pretty much never two in a row though so Monday could be rough
  8. Hard to bitch about him when you don’t notice him out there 😂
  9. How many times is hughson going to mention the Vancouver game?
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