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  1. So it's all about goals now???? There is such thing as advanced stats! bracco has been a huge part of the Marlies this season and last, he is knocking on the doorstep for the NHL level!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. It was actually 16.74% if your going to throw out stats everywhere make sure they're correct, it gives your argument way less credibility and makes you seem like you dont know anything, just some life advice you dont want to show up to work sounding dumb. Regardless, fights are some of the most exciting parts of hockey games and everyone, but the snowflakes like you like them.
  3. I bet ur one of those people who want to ban fighting
  4. Numbers are just numbers until you win. Shoulda kept babs and his Stanley cups and gold medals, the players need some tough love, with all the snowflakes in the world to turn them into real hockey players. Babs shoulda pulled a Bill Peters, but kicked them harder in the back of the head when they turned the puck over or gave up a goal.
  5. Relax buddy the leafs are what like 3-2 under Keefe, you cant act like hes a saviour.
  6. Hall being an ex MVP will get paid handsomely, but not as much as Matthews, and there is your backup goalie money.
  7. Fair enough.......but we agree structurally this lineup is flawed. We need to instill some grit and energy.
  8. With Arizona doing well and looking for more scoring, how about a three team trade with the leafs sending Matthews to the coyotes, hall coming to the leafs and the leafs getting some young D like Chychrun+++ while creating cap flexibility to address backup goaltending as Hall will not get Matthews type money.
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