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  1. Good win but they've got to stop starting games in a coma.
  2. It's not how big your hammer is, it's how you hit the nail.
  3. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not complaining about Nylander now but back when he signed the contract he wasn't worth that much money. Nobody can deny that. All I'm saying is that if Dubas had put his foot down and traded Nylander then Marner would have thought twice before demanding the the ludicrous amount he got and they could have signed Matthews to a max term contract and been able to build the team around them and Tavares.
  4. I never said it was Marner's fault. In fact I don't blame him for get as much money as he could. The thing is that it never should have gotten that far. If Dubas had had any backbone at all he would have set a date for Nylander to sign a new contract by or else he gets traded. When that deadline passed they should have traded Nylander. That's the precedence Dubas should have set and had he done so the Leafs wouldn't be in the cap hell they are now. They would be able to sign the players they need and have the depth they need to contend for the cup.
  5. I don't know about it being the answer to all the team's problems but you can't build a cup contender with half your salary cap tied up in 4 players.
  6. Dubas is delusional if he thinks that this team as it is will ever win the cup. The team is unbalanced with way too much cap space tied up in 4 players. As a result they can afford the quality roleplaying/secondary players need to get this team to the next level. Instead they rely on aging vets who can't keep up anymore(excluding Spezza)or reclamation projects that simply don't pan out. To balance this team one of the big 4 has to go. There's no way around it and if Dubas can't see this then he shouldn't be the GM of this team. I good GM recognizes when changes are needed. A good GM make
  7. They should start with management before anything else. Dubas' needs to go. Replace Keefe with Tortorella. At least Torts won't put up with lackluster play and isn't afraid to bench or scratch players. Replace Malhotra with Bruce Boudreau. It's obvious Malhotra couldn't build a PP to save his life. As for Marner, Eichel would be nice. I would shop him until the expansion draft and if there is no deal by then leave him exposed. If we can't get a return then at least free up the cap space. I'd rather do that and use the money to sign someone who can put up half or three quarters of the poi
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