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  1. The Leafs skull fucked the Habs from start to finish. Fuck MTL Fuck Boom Boom Geoffrion Fuck their poutine And fuck you.
  2. Ok so when looking at his face and skin it looks like he doesn't have any warts. You got me there. He does in fact know a very good dermatologist.
  3. No. Once they healthy scratch him for the playoffs I would say that he is no longer a concern.
  4. Today on fan 590 "Leafs Hour": Ben Ennis wrote down players who are locks (if healthy) to play in the playoffs. "I don't think Galchenyuk is a lock anymore". Then he asked then question: "Do you think Galchenyuk is a lock?" Justin Bourne: "No." "He is who we thought he was: an offensive player with skill and size. Whoever he's with in the offensive zone are better. On the other hand (Marner, Matthews/Tavares, Nylander are wildly worse defensively. I can't imagine Keefe would want someone to play with MM/AM, JT/WN who makes them worse defensively in the playoffs. If they'r
  5. Hyperbole? I don't think so. Being concerned about people in the bottom 6 is one thing, but Galchenyuk plays in the top 6 (not for long). He's not scoring. He's not shooting. Is he play making? I had a freak out one time because Galchenyuk did a drop pass in the defensive zone. You have me on that one.
  6. I will counter with this tweet / opinion:
  7. I'm not making that up. I just heard it on the fan 590 12pm today.
  8. Look at the players you're comparing him to. That should say enough. This morning I saw a guy downtown Toronto panhandling. He has no legs due to alcoholism/diabetes. At least Galchenyuk is better than him!
  9. I'm not concerned about Galchenyuk. He's not very important. I don't think anyone can give a vote of confidence to Kerfoot, but at least he has a role. Does anyone on this board love Kerfoot?
  10. It was reported at Noon today that Galchenyuk is wearing the Taxi Squad jersey in practice. Not to steer your opinion or anything. I know there will always be injuries, but when everyone is healthy do you see Galchenyuk staying in the starting line-up?
  11. Yes. There's many. This is a likeable team and there's many leafs to stand behind. I haven't posted on leafsconnected in quite a whole, so it's not like I make a thread like this frequently. I must say though. Based on their reactions brocto and sandman really like Alex Galchenyuk.
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