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  1. You basing change off a random west coast road trip like this means, well, anything. Let's call it what it was, you expected us to lose most of these games so you said it meant something. Now we haven't and it means... nothing really.
  2. It's also a Tkachuk move to punch a guy in the face when the linesman are holding him. Couple of douchebags being douchebags.
  3. Weren't these games the proclaimed "this is how we'll know if we're mature" games by one of "we suck so hard even when we win" crew? Have they addressed this? It should be noted I don't buy for a second this road trip will predict the outcome of a playoff round.
  4. After the goal, too? Should have been a dozen.
  5. You guys are brave to get in between Todd and Kadri without an umbrella.
  6. I'm not sure that it that's troubling. For a team that's biggest question has been "how do we win when we don't score in the playoffs," finding ways to win like we have over the last 10-12 games while not being an offensive juggernaut isn't a bad thing.
  7. Just one of those games. Made Jarry look better than he was, a few posts, two egregious defensive errors, Soup looking good again. Power play has been more productive the last little bit, but still needs work. A goal on any of them, particularly the 5 on 3 changes a lot.
  8. Holl... Why didn't we let Seattle take him? Damn. Muzzin didn't look great but he has to carry his partner.
  9. I really like Sandin, but plays like that remind me he's still young. That wasn't great. Yikes.
  10. Neither Brodie or Muzzin takes the heat Rielly has. Holl, maybe this year, but warranted. It's OK to admit you've been wrong about him.
  11. Why wouldn't you? Just don't ask him about his air mailed throw into the netting.
  12. I've learned Leafs Nation doesn't ever really want to talk about Rielly's good play. He's been real good for longer than most want to admit and pretty phenomenal since he signed his new deal. He's captain of this team if we didn't win the Matthews draft. (He gets it before Tavares is signed.)
  13. But it wasn't and I trust a guy like Matthews enough to understand who was there. I don't really understand complaining about anything on that goal.
  14. One by Matthews who looked and the other by Galchenyuk who didn't, it was an incredible pass but I'll take my chances with Matthews trying it again (and again).
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