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  1. Or everyone could just calm the fuck down. Suspend the teams? 😂 Government involvement? Double 😂 Put the flares down. The teams got what they wanted, more spaces in Europe. The super league is over.
  2. He'll refuse to get involved. Alex Edler has bigger balls.
  3. The playoffs are very different, but cocky? rofl... The only thing Don knows about Campbell is his birth certificate.
  4. I just don't understand why it's still going. I mean, hey, if this gets Kroenke out, I'm in, but the Super League failed incredibly hard. You won this round. Will you win the next one? I dunno, but I don't think flares on the pitch is helping.
  5. Just suspend him 40 games already. The guy will never stop. Wilson, obviously. Like what if he split Panarin's head open? Or did that to the guy scoring 100 points in a 56 game season and took him out for the playoffs? He would skate away from an enforcer anyway, just kick his ass to the curb.
  6. He's the anti-Babcock in a lot of ways, a big one is this lines/pairings in a blender deal. I'd love somewhere in the middle, but it also means it gets his best players on the ice more which is nice.
  7. 50 in this season would've been slightly more ridiculous, but man, 100 is ridiculous. So is the fact we're all like "ya, 13 in 7 is no biggie for him."
  8. And it seemed to drift more to Rielly and Dermott as the game went on. I'm not convinced Keefe likes Sandin and Dermott together. Not that I think they have been bad together, last night just looked like he wanted to see them split.
  9. Did they even really play together tonight? Seemed like a lot of Rielly on the right with Dermott and Sandin with Brodie.
  10. If you're slotting Hyman into the top six, it's Galchenyuk. If you're slotting him in the bottom six, likely Brooks. If Nash can play too, both of them. I find Bogosian a bit more interesting. Keefe doesn't seem to want Dermott or Sandin on the right, so if that's the case it's got to be one of them. But he's out a while isn't he?
  11. I think that was going top cheese on the other side with no deflection anyway. These guys are unreal right now.
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