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  1. I long for the days we were whining about Nylander contract.
  2. I think it's too early to write him off. It's this too much money? Certainly. If they wanted him did they need to offer that? Yes. Like Montreal would've traded him for the return. Dvorak is nice, but one would expect Kotkaniemi to produce more than 38 points in four years. Maybe Dvorak does better in Montreal, but they aren't exactly an offensive juggernaut. Kotkaniemi was a far larger piece to their future than Dvorak will be. Though the deals aren't mutually exclusive, it's not like Montreal said this is better, they said we can't match and we gotta do something.
  3. The only things I heard him say was something like "yes, I want to get this done but they want to wait until August so I'll try not to think about until then" and "we both want the same things, usually things work out when that happens" or something as such. That wasn't yesterday, I wonder if he's more frustrated know. I mean, maybe it's basically done and we'll find out shortly, but damn it looks increasingly likely he's traded. (Which maybe that trade looks incredible, but Dubas isn't exactly looking like a genius these days.)
  4. All reports had said they would wait to start talks in August, they will not let him walk for nothing, if he's not signed by the beginning of the season, he'll be traded. Those were the guys who are usually right. We'll see. But I agree Dubas is dropping the ball. It makes no sense not to get this sorted sooner. Should've been before FA this year unless Rielly forced you to wait. Waiting to see the market wasn't going to help Dubas. Letting him go to UFA is a very bad scenario. Honestly, letting it go to the trade deadline isn't a good one. Get this done before camp/pre season.
  5. They have also been trying to move Gardiner, they aren't really handcuffed here. Unlike Montreal when they match.
  6. This is amazing. It almost makes me forget they signed DeAnongelo.
  7. It's this kind of stuff that makes my day. Why does he get you so hot and bothered? Who gives a shit if he tries to keep them there?
  8. He going to buy the Coyotes and move them to Indy? I'm in.
  9. Is there even another viable option in Phoenix? It will be nice if they finally GTFO, but the Bettman hate makes my day. It's hilarious watching the disdain for this guy.
  10. This has got people far more bent than I expected. If the four NA major sports, hockey is third to this party.
  11. Not shocked, don't really care. We keep buying hats, jerseys, tickets, and watch our teams no matter what they play like, we willingly sign up to have them make money from us. We shouldn't be shocked (or incredibly upset, really) when they capitalize on it.
  12. I was here for all of that. So good. Semi Finals felt like long awaited justice.
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