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  1. Campbell has been a fucking gem. But can't forget Kerfoot, man. Guy's playing the best hockey of his life and his breakaway with WIlly was just pure class.
  2. If he tries anything fancy, he'll break his neck/injure himself.. I don't think he is needed, at all, against a Ducks team that seems to be a lot better than they have been the past couple of years..
  3. But wait, havent we been doing pretty good in Cali the past couple of seasons???
  4. lol. Reimer's 5hole has been a thing for many many years. Beautiful. God, thank fucking god we got rid of him, right @No Plan Shan?
  5. Nah.. they'll make a push at some point.. worst case they'll take a wild card spot
  6. He got a fine. and 10 games for Kadri.
  7. Awesome for Matthews to get a goal, but holy balls! Engvall got a goal too!
  8. Matthews really struggling.... its okay bud, take your time, dont sweat it, you got this!
  9. yay Kerfoot deserves a fucking goal. beautiful pass Kase!
  10. Other than Tavares, everyone else has at least been there to get humiliated and laughed at, instead of being suspended
  11. And another assist for Barrie? 😂
  12. Didn't he score the first Leafs goal of the season? A PP goal as well?
  13. Just wait till they play the Leafs and then they always give it their extra and beat the Leafs, so people can say 'see, Isles are a real team!!!111'.
  14. I wonder what would have happened to Wilson if he had gone over to Crosby and made him swallow his own teeth
  15. Nice win for Woll, this win could end up being an important one, as Buffalo games usually don't end well for the Leafs. Rielly was a beast tonight, which was great to see. Dermott and Muzzin on the other hand... oh well... 2 points is 2 points I guess
  16. Exactly how you would expect him to look
  17. I agree, but you can blame management though.. if it's the first time the team fails, based on choking/lack of wanting to win/mental issues, you can talk about it, maybe it was a fluke or something.. but it's been 5? years in a row, lol... I mean, at what point is the 'well yeah mentally they just can't do it' no longer an excuse? Heads had to roll. There's too much of a 'let's hold hands and wish things work out' type of vibe and not a, well you fucked up for the X- amount of time, so it's time to move on and try something else. The 'stars' are going to run out of their contracts in what? 2?
  18. Reactions mostly. The team has failed years in a row, some are still defending management as if we've barely lost the cup after giving it our all years in a row. The only conclusion possible is that they are okay with the failing. If not - you want to see changes.
  19. For a lot of fans they don't need to 'turn around' anything, because most fans are okay with them not winning anything in the play offs Cant copy this on phone so double post.
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