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  1. There's always excuses. Leafs shooting is just garbage, Matthews needs to warm up his shot and he'll get rolling... but everyone else... their shots.... goalies have their glove up and Leafs manage to aways shoot it in the glove.... making any goalie look like a fucking god.
  2. Leafs got lucky they got it to OT. A stolen point is always nice.
  3. So the Ritchie 'experiment' is done after this game - right?
  4. 2-1 loss in the last few minutes, cause Rangers get a phantom PP. Then at the press conference: We gotta be better, get some shots in. Meanwhile - any goalie sticks their glove out - pre shot - and they manage to shoot it in the glove, 10 out of 10 times.
  5. It is great to see that Matthews comes back and still gets no call when being held. Never change NHL, never change.
  6. Yeah, seems like a great signing so far, thank goodness, Leafs needed one of those.
  7. Yeah, when the players suck and the goalie is your best player, you should be worried, but I mean, if they cared about winning that is... winning seems like a secondary thing for this 'team' for the past 3 years. who would have thought that getting rid of Babcock would actually be the worst thing? He knew this team didn't work, and he was right.
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