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  1. The way things are these days I'd imagine there's going to be a few more steals with the lack of game time guys have gotten too
  2. We over paid for Foligno, but he is a gamer. Good character so that's cool, another vet to mean mug. The rest of our moves can be summed up as "sure... fine I guess. " If Freddy isn't coming back Rittich is s dece second back up. If Freddy comes back...Rittich is a dece second backup Nash is gonna stop up the 4th line so they can maybe at least have a purpose Hutton isn't Marincin. Noeson can carry the bags for the Marlies.
  3. Tkachuk looks like he doesn't wipe properly . That is all.
  4. I remember one deke he made. We hardly knew ya, bud.
  5. Arsenal have basically just decided this season is over but w/e this one was always about just cutting off most of the fat on our payroll Partey is aces when he isn't hurt. So that's been a good 2 matches. We need to shoot some aging Brazilians into the sun too and Saliba is a ball handling defender apparently. Arteta is getting one more summer to put a team together i would think.
  6. Hutch is fine as a 3rd string. You can't trust him long term but he has a decent enough effort in him from time to time. Also helps our offense shreds basically every other team in the division this year. Lord give us Campbell though Also just give Matthews the Rocket Trophy. Also Slick Mitchy
  7. It was on the bench Laine is going to bolt from Columbus anyway. They're a treading water organisation.
  8. I had a feeling Simmonds would be aces this year. He made good use of the extra time off. Hopefully this is just the patch of the year where we're dealing with Injuries, then we can get over it.
  9. Missed the game. But apparently Tkachuk got son'd? I wonder if egos hurt more than legs?
  10. HBCYG

    2020 offseason.

    At least Jeremy Williams put up some games in the NHL
  11. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/nhl-suspends-john-chayka-rest-year-dispute-coyotes/ Buddy treaded water for 4 years, sank the teams only real assets (draft picks) because he doesn't know what ethics are and then sodded off. Makes you think they just should have stuck with Maloney...
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