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  1. I was at that game too, front row 3rd baseline. Mark Teahan and I can't remember the other. I was also at a game against the Angels where the game was less than 2 hours. Good times. I think all the games I went to in the mid-late 2000s were all Doc starts.
  2. Even worse when Boston is about to clinch the division.
  3. Joe Carter was terrible at everything except making the final play of the WS
  4. I get that LF are a dime a dozen, but christ lol
  5. This is the Stroman we need consistently.
  6. Hodgson announced his resignation
  7. Well that was the worst possible start Iceland could have had.
  8. Holy shat that was some performance. A little shaky in the 2nd half at times but my goodness Spain had nothing.
  9. We can all die happy
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