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  1. Duffman

    2021 Off-Season

    RIP Jimmy. I really enjoyed the Missin Curfew podcast he did with O'Brien and Upshall
  2. Duffman

    2021 Off-Season

    Thornton to Florida
  3. @Dog Taker Since our wonderful russian dictator has spoken, I'll address your post in the other thread here: I'm sure your friends are good people, as you appear to be. I don't think I've said they're bad people anywhere, and if I have that wasn't my intention. I can completely disagree with their "orientation" without thinking they're bad people. However it makes about as much sense as a child thinking they're superman or a dinosaur. You play along to a certain extent sure, but eventually reality sets in. No person born a man can become a woman (or the opposite). Full stop. Be wha
  4. Shocked? no, not really. Disappointed and confused? Absolutely. Here I thought he actually did something wrong But thats par for the course with this loser organization
  5. thats it? He liked tweets that you don't agree with on twitter? Well thankfully we've got Briere to make our goalies worse. Don't need satan himself trying to improve the goaltending. Another W for the wonderkid Dubas
  6. No idea what he "did" but what a loser organization. Imoo was great in LA and is a huge reason why Campbell is what he is today.
  7. Unfortunately I'll probably always like the Leafs, ditto for the Kings and Stars. As for the rest it just goes by who's fun to watch and certain players. I was starting to not mind Vegas before they fucked over Fleury, but now they can fuck off. I'm all in on Florida now, that team is super fun and I think they're going to do some damage next year. Arizona is creeping up on me just because of Chychrun. Nobody realizes how good he is because that team is so irrelevant. I don't mind the Caps either, mostly cause of Wilson
  8. I read this as Winnipeg Ian for a second and I was like bruh
  9. To be fair the days of guys like Kessel and Byfuglien coming in lacking that much work ethic are pretty much over. Team's demand a lot more out of players right from day 1. Look at how useless someone like Laine is, all the god given talent in the world but a ten cent work ethic. These days the guys who work their nuts off only to top out at semi-pro aren't being passed up on for a bunch of lazy fucks. The guys who make it (for the most part) all have that same work ethic but with a little extra talent sprinkled on top. Yea some of those guys really struggle when the ride finally com
  10. When Jones got $9m+ I was like ok its a slight overpay, but he's a legit #1D so it kinda makes sense When Hamilton got $9m+ that was definitely an overpay, but NJ did it as a shit team trying to attract the best UFA in a weak class When Werenski got $9m+ I was even more skeptical, but he's younger and Columbus has to overpay to keep players But now Nurse?? What the actual fuck? Who's next... Pionk? Rielly is almost assuredly gone, but I hope Dubas isn't around to see that through
  11. So judge a 8 year vet based on his first 4 years in the league? What a genius idea.
  12. Sandman you're 100% correct here, and it starts really young. Just from personal experience, I didn't really get "good" (I use that word very loosely) at hockey until I was 16 and tagged along to a USHL tryout with a buddy. I basically went because they were short on goalies for the weekend, and my buddy (a forward) was the one being looked at. I played way better than I really should have and started taking hockey more seriously after that. But up until I was 15/16 my summers were mostly dedicated to baseball and farming, I'd do the odd hockey camp for a week or two but that was it. Now
  13. I didn't have him high on my list before he was hired in Toronto to begin with, but here we are. Some team will be stupid enough to give him another go
  14. Duffman

    2021 Off-Season

    Ahaha Kane's fuck-ups are like they were written for TV. What a fucking idiot
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