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  1. You have to look ahead when building a team lol As all of our players proved you don't need to win a round to get paid lol
  2. Also getting rid of Dermott and Mikheyev added to Kessels cap hit freese up money to resign Jack
  3. It's not that he's not effective in his role. It's that he thinks he should have a roll he's not suited for. He thinks he's a top 6 winger and if he's going to be he needs to score. His contract is up and I'm willing to bet he's going to want a big raise and top 6 minutes to sign. With Jack in need of a contract Leafs need to clear space.
  4. True.... should just let him walk for nothing instead.... much better idea He wants a trade, wants top 6 minutes that he won't get. He's gone after this season unless Leafs overpay him.... so yeah keep him and let him walk for nothing and have another player who doesn't want to be here... great idea
  5. Yeah and he's got the shooting accuracy of Mr. Magoo. He's 27 and not likely to all of a sudden become a marksman. Plus, he wants out of Toronto. Nothing like having disgruntled employees to boost morale
  6. One thing these 4 games showed me is we should trade Mikheyev. no room for him on this team, and he wanted out anyway
  7. Leave it to Leafs fans to have a team one point out of first and be writing the team off after 4 games lol
  8. Yesterday we were first.... we're 1 point out of first lol Damn OT loss.... Matthews missed that one shot and now we're in 4th and doomed lol
  9. I think overall the team has been good. Some guys need to produce but it's early and Leafs are what, first in the Atlantic? Marner still drives be crazy, but he is what he is. I think he and Nylander need to swap spots.
  10. Leafs are sitting 30th in the league in goals per game. Pretty bad for a team built for offense. They are 7th in goals against though, so that's a plus.
  11. Glad to hear Marner is happy with his game, he says the only thing he needs to change is to score.... phew that's good
  12. Poor kid can't catch a break... injuries just follow him around
  13. Last two games have been good. Hate how they started the first two. This team has a pretty solid 4 lines and finally depth throughout.
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