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  1. I don't know if this is sarcasm or not but...winning is usually entertaining. Wallowing in a wildly uninspired, underachieving post season is not that entertaining.
  2. I didn't even watch 1 full game of this series. 4 of them I watched highlights of instead of watching.
  3. I don't think I've ever had so much apathy for this shit storm of a team. I didn't really watch them during the regular season because I was already in the, show me in the playoffs, state of mind. Have been for 2 years, if not longer. I really couldn't give a shit what they do at this point. They'd have to play in the Stanley Cup Finals for me to even get back on board. Even these playoffs, I didn't catch a whole game. For someone who used to centre my entire afternoon on whether they were playing or not, to this...I don't know if they can ever truly get me back if I'm being honest.
  4. Unfortunately that happened without any salary cap allowing them to retain their players.
  5. I'd take 11 million in cap space for the win. I have hated his heartless play for 2 years and he went from my favourite player to one I hate to watch. It's not just this series, last year he played the same. Like he's afraid.
  6. Well, I just turned off probably the last game I'll ever watch of that team. They could come back, but I couldn't give a shit.
  7. They win and I consider it a fluke that extends the pain. I won't be celebrating. You can have my spliff.
  8. Lol done with this team rofl you couldn't write this as fiction it's unbelievable
  9. This is why I have the game on muted on a smaller side screen. I don't have time for those fucking losers
  10. I'm unsure if I'll even catch all of this game. They may win. They should win. But they always don't. They have to prove that they can. And this is their easy matchup. Good luck getting further playing like this.
  11. I wouldn't spend $100 on a ticket to watch them play live, I have that little faith that they would show up for any random game. And here you are doing that.
  12. I can honestly say that I had to refrain from responding to that comment, because it was so ignorant of reality that anything I said was bound to be wildly inappropriate even for the internet. Lockdown has me a bit...testy...when it comes to some shit.
  13. Exactly. When they're down 1 position already. Pointless. It wasn't even intentional. If it was, I doubt that you could prove it was.
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