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  1. Not every player needs to be marksman to be affective.
  2. Wait..... I thought only what they do in the playoffs matters? And yet here you all are.......
  3. Some fans focus on the things they see players doing well, others focus on every little mistake they see. Whatever makes you happy I guess.
  4. Seattle announces their mascot's name will be Philma.
  5. Ritchie looked good in preseason on the 4th with Spezz and Simmer.
  6. Besmirch. Now there's a word that doesn't get nearly enuf playtime these days. Goodonya.
  7. Hey, let's all grab our pitch forks and torches and March down to the rink. Maybe we can get Trump to do a motivational pre-mob speech to get everyone fired up. It's been two games after all !! Some heads need to roll. 🤣😁😆
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