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  1. good point, you’re then forced to carry fighters on your roster basically.
  2. the sad thing is they’ll get a significantly larger fine for criticising the league’s bs than wilson got for an incredibly dangerous ‘play’ that had clear intent behind it. if they do have an ahl goon squad, id call em all up.. who cares if they get suspended from the nhl, ‘oh no,’ so afraid. plus they can slam peoples heads into the ice without suspensions, that doesnt meet the threshhold. would be cool if they did though
  3. tom wilson slams a guy down onto the ice by his hair, taking the guy out for the season, and punches a guy in the head, who's head is already on the ice, 5k fine. the idea that wilson's actons are equal to jumbo's from a week ago... is just crazy. but kadri hits high, suspended for the playoffs.
  4. well. there goes our 1st round pick for nothing. fuck this season.
  5. disagree. they'll ruin him like they have all their prospects by rushing them.
  6. wait, wut? I just started watching, i thought bogo was out for the regular season...
  7. I actually am not looking past MTL in round 1, i think it's gonna be a tough matchup. we SHOULD definitely win, yes, but there's no way MTL is going to lie down to the leafs. then we'd have mcdavid & drai round 2, which would also be a tough series. ASSUMING, and that's a big assumption, we got to the SCF, i'd rather face Florida or Colorado. in the conf finals, i'd like washington, the pens, or boston, no question. I think we can beat any of them. The islanders.... that scares me though.
  8. well that is every single team from the east that will be in the playoffs, so yeah, if we do manage to get out of the north, then it'd have to be one of the teams that made the playoffs.
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