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  1. I would in theory be fine with getting rid of the cap if it would help us win. unfortunately we have 35 years of no cap and no cup.
  2. im more worried about marner's response to his utterly shit play.
  3. if that's true, i'm just not sure how I'm supposed to blame bettman for that? I wish doc j who maligns these moves so much would make the case for that to me, but he refused before to make the argument and I guess he is again? Like i'm open to hearing about how he might be to blame, but... it just has never come.
  4. I can’t really speak to why winnipeg lost their team, nor do I know the story behind why quebec did. I assume they weren’t profitable, in which case I wouldn’t have a problem with their departure, but I think I was pretty young when they left so I didn’t follow the business side of hockey then.
  5. see the response to your post. he implies that JUST like a working person voting for trump makes them an idiot, aka someone who votes against their interest and it actually hurts them, hockey fans supporting bettman is the same. meaning if I support bettman I do so against my interests. he can stay or go, I really dont care, but he doesnt hurt my interests, since the leafs winning is literally (outside ovi) my only hockey related interests.
  6. actually I suppose you COULD say that bettman caused the lockouts and that lowered ovi’s goal totals, so that might be one thing I follow that he has effected, but even then, that was entirely ownership driven, not bettman’s. but yea, beyond that…. I only care about the leafs, and he hasnt done anyting to the leafs.
  7. well, if I cheered for the coyotes, or was a former quebec fan, or really cared about regional blackouts…. then maybe I’d have a reason to hate bettman. nothing he does is effecting our ability to win, we just suck. imagine blaming any of the leafs failures on bettman?
  8. yea, not hating bettman when his influence is exclusively over hockey, and virtually zero over the leafs is exactly like voting for trump.
  9. And then some focus on every single thing that Ovechkin does. And those are the only people who are known to be truly happy.
  10. I already explained it to you, it isn’t shesterkin in a vacuum, it’s that every single goalie has been hot. out of 4 games, every game has had a hot goaltender. odd.
  11. im sorry to reapond with laughter, but my god it’s a farce at this point. he’s coliacovo 2.0
  12. when was the last time anyone saw jt actually shoot the puck? like, get a full on slap shot or wrist shot I mean that actually made it to the net? not through traffic, not a tip, and not stopping a puck and then back-handing it within 1 foot of the goaltender. what's odd to me is his complete inability to be in the right spots, especially for a guy who has a good shot. is this us using him improperly? or is this him being in his head?
  13. i'm not. i just will take a break from watching is all. i will only ever cheer for the leafs..... and ovechkin.
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