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  1. Players want to succeed with their team and they don't feel successful if they ain't playing a good chunk of ice-time. I like his motivation but he is a kid and needs to show us first before we open the flood gates for him.
  2. https://www.tsn.ca/montreal-canadiens-decline-match-jesperi-kotkaniemi-carolina-hurricanes-1.1689689 Good hope Bergy knows what he's got to replace that 2nd line center position.
  3. Our alien overlord @Raiden will take us away to another galaxy. Only those who are offended by NHL hockey player off ice drama.
  4. It's not the playoffs man! Give em time to get in the mix then they can fuck it up!
  5. Man the sarcasm in the few posts in here admonishing Matthews for taking the surgery route is unreal.
  6. Stop making it worse ya Kraken fanboy lol. One day in his term here he will carry this team to a championship or 3 until then we gotta have faith....i know the braintrust will be exiled before Matthews ever will be.
  7. Well i couldn't find a pic with Matthews holding the Leaf logo over his head. And couldn't be arsed to create one.
  8. LOL Jagr is jacked physically Thornton not so much.
  9. Whatever the case was Shanny made it right cause that kinda stuff doesn't represent well for an organization.
  10. Kinda glad Shanahan realized his errors in hiring the Goalie coach from LA. Maybe the scabs will take him perfect for that bigot org.
  11. Prospect would have to be a Cale Makar type and picks at least 1 first top 10 draft pick and a second.
  12. It is nice to make what most normal people never see in their lifetime by the age of 40 and you can retire. For example Matthews will at least make over 100M by the time he is 30. The most i have ever seen in my household at any given time was 12K.
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