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  1. I am sure we all miss the shenanigans that happened back in the day ala Scott Stevens or bench clearing brawls and goalie fights and the fights off the face-off but players need to respect each others heads they are all in a sport TOGETHER not to kill each other this ain't coliseum fighting with the lions in 300AD.
  2. I only started watching hockey in '93 i really have no idea of anything before then and other than the Leafs.
  3. 141 PIM in that game not as bad as the Ottawa Philly bouts but this was pretty much at the beginning even Big Z got 12 minutes...the Rangers got 85 PIM to Caps 56 PIMs I would say this could be the new rivalry for the Rags kinda like Detroit v Colorado series back when.
  4. You can be tough but he lost a lot of respect from other NHL players for his actions...but fanboys cannot see past the iron fist.
  5. Well were the players supposed to let Wilson just dummy Buchnevich while he was getting pummeled on the ice and then he tried to fight back against the boards and still got dummied. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction unfortunately not everyone can fight a rabid gorilla.
  6. Game kinda settled down now Oshie scoring 2 PPG in honour of his father passing away recently.
  7. Ermmm Wilson could have just gave Panarin a shot to the face instead of doing what he did to a player who wasn't wearing a helmet. That is the general consensus of everyone not named Wilson and yourself.
  8. LOL This game is becoming like the Ottawa Philly game lol.
  9. Well there ends Torontos period scoring streak at 20 goals in 20 periods.
  10. Given that Montreal and Winnipeg are tied now in the standings but Wpg holds 3rd with the tie breaker.
  11. I'm not upset on this loss the goals that got by Campbell were not muffins by any means. Winnipeg lost in regulation so Habs are tied with them atm.
  12. Ha called it! It wasn't the Leafs game anyway....Caufield is gonna be a good kid.
  13. Lets take the 2 and at least Montreal will feel good about getting that much closer to Winnipeg.
  14. Campbell is gonna be our starter next season count on it if he keeps this going.
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