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  1. I think physicality definitely has some importance, but also shouldn't be overstated. Also Dallas is average at best when it comes to physicality.
  2. Logging on here today, I don't know what exactly is going on but I just wanna take 2 seconds and remind everyone... We may not agree everyone here on a lot of stuff (where would the fun be in that honestly), and several people here may get a bit overzealous at times with their comments, but in the end, we are not enemies. The enemy was that collosal douchenozzle Antec and we showed that motherfucker. We all can and should be better to to one another - even if the point we're encountering is pure idiocy. I'm a firm believer in attacking the post, not the user. That's all I w
  3. Obviously change will take time. But at the same time, he can't take THAT long if we wanna get back into the playoff race.
  4. Is there really ever an ideal time to take over a team mid season from a fired coach? I think the timing is fine. You can't wait any longer imo. And at least he gets 9 of his first 11 games as coach on the road. Keeps him away from the Toronto noise as much as possible while he settles into his new job.
  5. I appreciate the write up, but I think you've missed the point on several fronts. 1) Don Cherry has not earned the write to spout whatever he likes, just because he's 85 years old. His comments were offensive towards a specific group of people, and he doesn't have carte blanche to say what he likes while on the air representing Rogers media 2) Remembrance Day should absolutely NOT be a national holiday. And before you get up in arms about this. It's not a matter of disrespect for what was sacrificed, it's quite the opposite exactly. The vast majority of people given the day off work
  6. It's just a name like millenial, but for gen z.
  7. Color me shocked. I mean, at this point, what haven't millenials allegedly killed?
  8. He jumped to the conclusion that immigrants must not be buying their fair share, incorrectly I might add. Nothing he said was supported and has been called out as false by the Royal Canadian Legion.
  9. He wasn't fired for "trying to encourage support for the veterans who gave their lives to provide the life we have". Talk about utter spin doctoring. He was fired because while trying to do that he couldn't help himself but to say something xenophobic and offensive. It's unfortunate that he couldn't leave his unacceptable viewpoints on immigrants out of what was otherwise a perfectly legitimate discussion. No one is gonna take issue with the first part. In fact, even his biggest detractors will regularly say it's commendable what he does for veterans and our troops. He hurts his
  10. I think my overall tolerance for ignorant or hateful opinion is less than it used to be. If I'm being honest, it's probably more AM's opinions here that have irked me. I stand by Puq's opinions being trash though lol
  11. Are you an immigrant Puq? Are you an impressionable youth? I'm guessing the answer to both of these is probably no.
  12. Also, a couple other things... it's nobody's 'fault' when someone is gay. People are just gay, or they aren't. Or, they're bi. Also, who is blaming immigration on people over 40, like it's a generational issue? IF you even subscribe to the idea that we are allowing too many people into this country, and I don't even remotely pretend to be qualified to answer that, then the people responsible are policy makers and them alone
  13. No marginalized group ever improved their lot in life by keeping quiet and to themselves. I'm sorry if it's an inconvenience to you to hear that people are upset a man with a national soapbox that reaches millions of people, both very old, very young and everywhere between, chooses to use it to spread divisive messages and xenophobia. It's not okay, and if you don't have a problem with it, it says a lot more about you than it does the people denouncing his comments.
  14. Yeah, imagine that. Don Cherry makes offensive comments about immigrants (this is a recording), they are offended and supportive of his firing as a result. I mean does the opinion of anyone else here really matter beyond that point? I mean, you may disagree with how offensive his remarks were, that's great they weren't directed at you.. He said something. He offended many immigrants. He can either apologize for his remarks or stand behind them and lose his job. He chose the latter because somehow being allowed to talk shit about people based on where they were born is what is most i
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