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  1. And I predicted a 3-2 Leafs win thinking Jack was in. 5-3 loss.
  2. I think that line can work but if not there are a few other guys who can try to fill the Hyman hole.
  3. And that's just in the last 8 years.
  4. Ritchie was signed to attempt to be Matthew's physical winger. He's had 1 game. How much more does this guy want?
  5. Anyone can have mental issues, but it might stop them from being effective.
  6. I've been watching leafs lose since long before this place existed and I hope to be watching them lose long after it's gone.
  7. Houston laying one on Boston tonight . Can't say I feel bad for them
  8. Looks like we're doing fine in the standings. The hangover from last season's playoff flop is still affecting people on here. On the other hand, imagine how habs fans feel right now. Suzuki has the same amount of points in 4 games as Jack Campbell.
  9. Great game. OT was amazing, except for the loss. We took a lot of shots but Shest didn't look Spectacular, we just shot at him, or missed the net most times. I think Matthews thought he was going to get a few but his shots weren't labelled. Enjoying the season so far because I realized going in that we weren't going to win every game.
  10. We allow the first goal and are doomed, until Bunting the redeemer shows up. The 1st was fine, other than Jack missing a floater. Don't you hate floaters?
  11. Uncle Leo on waivers, say it ain't so.
  12. Give me 10 games and I'll form an opinion on the new guys. Just happy we're winning some games so far.
  13. JT has always fallen down a lot. I imagine he's fine, and once Matthews is back to ease the pressure, he'll look better. I'm going through Post Concussion Syndrome for the last month, so I know it can be tough, but he's had lots of time and the very best medical care. Overall I'm pleased with the season start for the team. Feel really bad for the fckng Habs though
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