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  1. I like that Bunting doesn't take a lot of shit from anyone.
  2. You weren't stating shit. You asked 2 questions. 😏
  3. Evander Kane can kiss my ass, except he's probably got Covid.
  4. Just because another team gets fleeced is no reason to applaud having dead weight on your own team.
  5. I don't see Ritchie as another Clarkson. he's more than that. However, as someone else said, the value (or lack thereof) of his acquisition will be noted if and when he plays with Austin.
  6. I'm never sure if Jack is more ignorant than he is an asshole, or more asshole than he is ignorant. Tough to say.
  7. Well Humper, aside from Willy...no. We have nothing but the 2nd tier guys scoring goals.
  8. Bye, baby Bunting Daddy’s gone a-hunting, Gone to get a rabbit skin To wrap the baby Bunting in.
  9. Hey, what's wrong with David Ayres? He looked pretty good in his previous NHL game...but of course he would, it was against the Leafs. Oh wait, that's no good. We wouldn't have a Zamboni driver if we went that route.
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