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  1. Summer cancelled due to Omicron variant. Sorry Bro.
  2. So Florida is too legit to quit. Is Boston going to miss the playoffs?
  3. Marner looked on fire in the highlights. Was he good throughout the game? Simmonds has been in good scoring position the last few games. Looks like he's got lead hands when it comes to putting it in the back of the net however.
  4. I missed the third period, but the play in the first 2 made this seem like the kind of loss we would prefer if we have to lose. We were bot outplayed, we were leading in puck possession, and had numerous dangerous opportunities. The Pens had max discipline, and played very effective defense all around. A few ill timed gaffs put us down, put they didn't roll over.
  5. This run has been perplexing. Not only are they winning, they are winning by being an all around good team. Past recent steaks have seen us outscore our problems. Did we just git gud?
  6. Best period of Leafs hockey I've seen in a while. A few gaffs, but very very consistent. Not chasing the puck, and not getting nervous.
  7. Nice to get the win, but I had playoff flash backs this game. After turning on the juice and going up 3-1 while carrying play, Buffalo shifter the momentum and the Leafs looked shook. Very sloppy. A slightly more skilled opponent would have blown the game wide open. Woll was okay though. 3 of 4 goals were nice goals with little chance to stop, and the 4th might have been stopped had he has his goalie stick. We don't need him to be an a star, but we need him to be reliable when he plays
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