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  1. That's true, but I'm hoping the fact that we play the Habs three more times keeps them down in the standings, and sets the tone for the matchup. If we beat them 3 times in a week and a half, they will be shook. 🤗🥳
  2. Looks to me like Calgary is done, though not officially. Round 1 Habs it is.
  3. Yup. Its kinda crazy how many horrid teams there are this year.
  4. I hope that habs make it so we can crush them. It's a matchup I've been waiting for my whole life.
  5. I looked up CAPS LOCK in the dictionary and there was just a picture of Steve Dangle. Worst book ever.
  6. Steve Dangle is NaCl incarnate. Take anything based on him as salt mountain.
  7. If Boston misses the playoffs, the Hall trade will be a blessing.
  8. I wonder if the last game vs the Sens made this trade feel like the right move.
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