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  1. Hey, small props can take off and land.
  2. Did you know your stats suck, they're not right and you're lame? Ha. Got em.
  3. Raiden

    2021 Off-Season

    It has been a very slow and long offseason. That's all I have.
  4. Raiden

    2021 Off-Season

    Pretty spot on
  5. You have to wonder if maybe Rielly isn't accepting a nice team friendly deal after 2 kids rolled in and got double what he gets paid in 2 years. Dubas may have fucked this pooch years ago and we're just catching up to it now. Or I may just be grasping at straws. It's fucking weird though how nothing is really being said right now
  6. Raiden

    2021 Off-Season

    Tell me you haven't seen KK play, without telling me you haven't seen KK play. Off you're fucking rocker.
  7. Raiden

    2021 Off-Season

    Save for the fact, again, we're ignoring that he's played his career in fucking Arizona. But k. If you're telling me we just like to shit on the Habs, I'm all for it. If you're telling me the Habs got clowned when they didn't, I'm not buying it. When the Canes fail to lock KK down for anything reasonable, they'll look real fucking stupid. If they lock him down for 4 years at 3 million (His actual value) then we can discuss the Habs being clowned.
  8. Raiden

    2021 Off-Season

    KK isn't nearly as good as some of you think he is. The Canes absolutely did the Habs a favour. They can have KK at 6 million, but if they don't sign him to a multi year contract they're super fucking boned when the QO comes down. As for the replacement, yeah, it is an upgrade. If your only rebuttal is that KK won't be exposed as much, and playing with superior players? It's a weak as fuck argument. Dude played in fucking Arizona, where everyone looks like complete ass and he still put up numbers better than KK did ever.
  9. Waiting signals he's gone, to me, before we reach trade deadline. And if he goes, I may just decide to jump ship. I can't handle both of my teams fucking the dog 2 years straight. I'll go be a fan of Tampa or literally any other team being ran like they want to fucking win.
  10. Raiden

    2021 Off-Season

    I love it. Whole league caught up in High School drama.
  11. Raiden

    2021 Off-Season

    Holy shit. This is topshelf.
  12. Raiden

    2021 Off-Season

    Meth, probably
  13. Raiden

    2021 Off-Season

    That's certainly a take, yeah
  14. Did the Leafs start playing for the Jays?
  15. Raiden

    2021 Off-Season

    And then to Baltimore.
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