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  1. Britain v Canada in the US open. Phenomenal performances by both teens en route. 2 year bump 😎
  2. David

    The Olympics, C'Mon

    I enjoyed it TBH
  3. Yeah crashed out to Germany (twice), Portugal (twice) Argentina, and this is our second defeat to Italy Best Spain and Colombia in major finals though.
  4. I was convinced I replled. There was a mural of Rashford. Someone wrote racist abuse of the three penalty takers who missed on it. Since then it got covered up with dozens of messages of support. It was also fixed up by the artist. Also some abuse on twitter. What really upset me is that Sako is only 19 - in a recent interview he said his favourite drink is capri sun! Just shows how young he is. He then goes on to say the best thing about playing football is putting smiles on the faces of fans. People were abusing a young lad who just wants to make people happy.
  5. Yeah I know. It still hurts though. Really pleased for this team. Just a shame we got so close. Loads of finger pointing going on here without praising how we got there.
  6. It was awful. The worst thing i've seen at a match. I was at a game where one of the players had a heart attack at half time. this really shook me up. I was heading out for a meal but wanted to hear news. It was a relief to hear later on he was responsive. The way he fell.
  7. Good to see Man United fans back in the stadium for the first time in two weeks.
  8. Massive shitstorm here as the big six from the premier league, and top teams from Spain and Italy have signed up to play in a european super league. Clubs players could be banned from playing for their national teams. It's a terrible idea with a knock on effect across the leagues. It is incredibly greedy and narrow minded. I've not heard a postive comment from supporters. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56795811
  9. Well fucking fuck me! Needed a point from two games to make the play offs. Even if we lost both the games, we needed to lose a 7 goal advantage! Concede a goal in the 93rd minute on sunday which would have sealed our place. Tonight, still a point needed. But just a five goal swing now. Miss three good chances to score then concede against the run of play. Swansea also score. So three goals swing across both games would do it. 60 odd minutes both games are now 1-1. So, again 5 goal swing needed in last 30 mins..... Swansea go on to beat reading 4-1 and Forest lost 4-1 at home t
  10. Kobe Bryant dead [emoji54] Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  11. Jose! Probably the most anti-spurs appointment possible
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