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  1. I really didn't like Trump. But what the fuck is wrong with Joe Biden?
  2. Trump and the Toole. Or Biden and Trudeau. Nice selection man. Now fuck off.
  3. The thing about getting older for me is i question both the left and right on a lot of issues.
  4. I am not a Conservative by any means. But i was born and raised in a Conservative home so i can see both sides of the story.
  5. I don't agree with your opinion on a lot of issues. But you are entitled to your opinion whether i agree with you or not.
  6. Fuck that with the ship him off to Seattle shit. Send him to Arizona.
  7. I thought i might have said something that offended you. Remember Life is too short to be bitter.
  8. @Duffman you getting sensitive in your old age? .
  9. Campbell earned praise from Price in the series. And guess what? he doesn't earn 11m fucking dollars per season.
  10. So to continue on with a Southern theme how could i forget SRV? Listen to Texas Flood you will get what i mean.
  11. Yep lets blame a $1.6m goalie over a couple of supposedly elite $11m forwards. These fuckers didn't earn even one quarter of that.
  12. You know this thread has gone of course. So guess what? I am going to continue on that path. For any of our Southern members on here i want to mention a great Southerner Carroll Shelby.
  13. Next season is a year too late. That shouldn't be hard to understand.
  14. The guy should have been fired in the first place. Most of us seem to get that but you. If he would have been jettisoned the hell out of here we wouldn't even be having this discussion.
  15. Yep. Take a hike JD. Continue to drink the Kool Aid the Leafs are serving you and be a good little fan.
  16. This just tells me the average fan must be thick to continue to support this kind of bullshit.
  17. Delusional Dubas. If you owned a fortune 500 company. Would you want a guy like Dubas as your Operations manager?
  18. I really don't know what to say. Other than i have an actual hatred towards humans (if you can even call him that) like this piece of shit. I will stop there though.
  19. With him and Dahlin you would think they could do something for a change.
  20. Another 30 year old small player. What will that accomplish though?
  21. Simmonds turns 33 next month. As much of a fan i have been over they years, he is a shell of himself.
  22. I just hope they don't bring in a bunch of over the hill players.
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