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  1. Dude you need to settle down a bit. I am sure most people here don't like Bettman. Myself included.
  2. Hutch proved last year he can be capable if the team plays well in front of him.
  3. If it wasn't for Bettman the Leafs would have won the Cup at least 3 times and been to the finals another 5.
  4. I think we have to give the new guys at least 10 games to find out where they are at.
  5. The regional blackouts i see here are to do with Sportsnet and not Bettman.
  6. I had to laugh at the Mr. Magoo comment. Nice one.
  7. I am not applauding shit. Just stating the obvious.
  8. Komarov still has a cap hit of 3m? How can anyone bitch about Simmonds at 900k then?
  9. Playing with Matthews and Marner i think Ritchie is capable of scoring 20 goals. He scored 15 in 56 games with Boston last year.
  10. Ottawa has something the Leafs don't. Will and determination.
  11. Kind of like putting chains on the rear wheels of a front wheel drive car?
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