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  1. Or way back when. The Flyers vs Bruins.
  2. You have to remember that the fighters in Hockey choose to fight. No one puts a gun to their head and tells them they have to fight.
  3. I am older than you. But i enjoyed it more before there were 31 or soon to be 32 teams.
  4. Neither one of those guys are exactly Bob Probert tough though.
  5. How does Wilson matchup against Chara or Reeves?
  6. I didn't have a hate on for Phil. But didn't we give up two first round picks and a second for him?
  7. This isn't like the days of Bob Probert fighting Troy Crowder. This is more like Tom Wilson making a complete ass of himself.
  8. Like John Scott said. Nothing wrong with a player who plays on the edge. Tom Wilson just has a tendency to go over the edge.
  9. There is a difference between being a tough guy and a cheap shot artist. At times Tom Wilson reminds me of Claude Lemieux.
  10. Personally i don't care what Country a player is from. As long as they can play the game.
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