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  1. i don't know anything about her other than her subway commercials and it's more than enough to make me hate her massively
  2. This team looks like shit Dumbass knows he's supposed to try and make the team better, right?
  3. wait morri did you really say florida had an easy ride this season by playing against bottom-feeders? after you were trying to say the North division wasn't a steaming pile of hot garbage? i don't know if there's ever been a worse division of the world of professional sports
  4. i'm with hyman on this, fuck toronto. they've committed to building a flawed team and showed that he isn't in their plans. time to fuck off and go get paid, and play with the best player in the game. kid's gonna look like an all star playing with mcdavid, that's going to be a great duo
  5. i pay over 400/month for my share of the best healthcare plan offered by my employer. for single coverage. i get my prescriptions cheaper when i tell my pharmacy i'm uninsured. they run me through their prescription savings plan rather than running it through my insurance. for one prescription, i end up paying $10 with no insurance, where if they run it through my insurance it costs me $45. i recently went for a simple outpatient procedure where they had me deepthroat a camera. my insurance pays 20% and i pay 80% until i hit my deductible, which is $5000. it was all in-network, so everyth
  6. i don't give a fuck about taylor hall, but i'm down for some addition by subtraction in the way of shipping marner the fuck outta here
  7. Taylor Hall? are we getting rid of Marner?
  8. nah, had we traded pogge instead, he'd have won a cup or two with boston, and rask would have busted. it's just the way it goes with the leafs
  9. this team makes the playoffs without marner, not even a little bit of doubt. even with regular divisions
  10. where the fuck did you see matthews with some 'killer instinct'?
  11. well this thread aged like fine milk thank goodness some of us were already satisfied
  12. unfortunately they're probably referring to nylander and not that this should prevent him for making any trade involving nylander, because you should never, ever promise a player that you will never trade them, but he did make that promise to him
  13. subban was traded to the preds by montreal
  14. you could tuck a dozen eggs into marner's pockets before the game, and they'd be left intact after the game was over
  15. 'giving these guys some time' doesn't magically make their cap hit any smaller, allowing us to ice a more competitive team changes need to be made, we can't tie up 22m of the cap in 2 players who can't be bothered to show up when the games count
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