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  1. https://www.tsn.ca/evander-kane-san-jose-sharks-suspension-1.1708186 Sharks’ Kane suspended 21 games for violation of COVID-19 Protocol Yes I meant to put it in this thread.
  2. Ovie is fucking going for it, at this rate he's going to catch Wayne this season.
  3. Yeah that's not happening again. Stick to talking about the game. That goes for everyone.
  4. Watching that hit on Dach and all I can think about is how good opening up the lower back must have felt when he folded in half...I'm getting old.
  5. @Dog Taker your boy is doing his thing already this season.
  6. The hype has finally hit me just now. Lets fucking go!
  7. For me it's more the fact that Montreal took him. It means he got passed over by most of the teams and almost cleared waivers.
  8. My biggest issue with the series was whoever close captioned the players talking on ice during the games. Having Joe saying "Fucking A" drove me just a little crazy.
  9. AoR

    2021 Off-Season

    The fuck are you smoking?
  10. AoR

    2021 Off-Season

    https://centericehockey.ca/2021/08/24/evander-kane-in-more-hot-water-due-to-false-abortion-promises/ San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane continues to drag himself into more hot water, but this time it is going federal against himself. Off ice issues have plagued his reputation through his NHL career. A federal bankruptcy judge gave the thumbs up for discovery in a lawsuit filed by Hope Parker, Evander’s ex “girlfriend”. Evander promised hope $2m dollars if she aborted her first pregnancy, since the first pregnancy Hope Parker has been forced by Evander to have 3 separate abortions a
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