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  1. Speaking of, this is some top notch shit:
  2. Sounding like Strome is done in Chi-town.
  3. I think we've seen 2 decades of why not. It's utterly disheartening to me to see this clown even afforded shitty excuses like "didn't have much of a choice", from actual hockey fans. With such a wake of canceled games, playoffs, seasons, folded teams, ownership scandals, etc, what has he done to solicit even the most passive defense? And I feel I must point out the initial post in this series, that absolutely no one seems to want to address, that being that MLS has taken the NHL's place as the 4th major sport in the US. Guess he couldn't help it, right?
  4. Clearly, the answer was Arizona.. .... .. But hey! At least he doubled down on a failed market in Atlanta, all to eventually bring hockey back to Winnipeg!
  5. Right! Now, who's the asshole who said that? And while we're at it, fuck the guy who said we need to re-hire Peter Horachek. Fuck him.
  6. There you go, champ. Sounding better already. Had me worried there for a minute. Nothing you said had anything to do with what was posted. And, FTR, the 90's did kinda rule.
  7. Ritchie looks like he's deferring right away, not even trying to make anything happen. He's not even bringing the physical stuff you'd expect thus far. Pretty disappointed with Kase too. Had some looks game 1, and hasn't been a factor at all since. I don't expect anything at all from Mikheyev when he returns. He's had looks, and when he gets them they remind you why they are few and far between. If I had to bet, I'd say the two top LW's wind up being Kerfoot and Bunting, in no particular order.
  8. You’re taking this pretty hard. Sorry. Maybe a peanut butter cookie to go with that blt might cheer the lil fella up?
  9. I guess this is what you’ve got, when you’ve got nothing. Again, I don’t blame you for not owning it. Although I’m not sure this look is any more flattering, honestly.
  10. I've never seen goal posts move like that! Well done, lads! Of course, no one was "blaming bettman for the leafs failures", or anything remotely close to that, but still.. I did, however point out how utterly ridiculous it was for actual hockey fans to champion his deeds, and support his inclusion into any hall of fame. Which, you clearly did, and presumably still do, somehow. I'm also obligated to point out that as recently as the previous offseason, Logan once again lined up on team rodent when he threatened to break the collectively bargained agreement
  11. …. ..These two phrases being able to put aside their irreconcilable differences, and somehow live together side by side in the same sentence in peace, harmony, and obliviousness should be a beacon to us all.
  12. Knew that one would sting. Sometimes the hurt can help to grow.
  13. The comparison is spot on. Hockey fans championing Bettman, much like working stiffs voting trump is something you wouldn’t believe until you actually saw it. https://www.leafsconnected.ca/topic/7911-2018-hhof-class/?tab=comments#comment-564338
  14. More quality work from the hall of famer. And there were people defending his election! lol
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