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  1. Yup. Last year, when the season was halted with 10-13 games to go, the 4th and 5th place teams in the metro were the wildcard teams. The leafs of course lost out to the 6th place team in the metro(CLB) and missed the playoffs.
  2. So, which is greater? 100% or 50% No comparison. Excuse failed.
  3. I did say relatively speaking. The second half of the season it was almost like we were more likely to be scored on while up a man, than down a man. The defence on the whole was a bit better too. But shedding no tears I assure you. Only issue is, no one else is going with him. Thankfully he left on his own.
  4. You're right. It's a completely different scenario. No comparison to be made. Lee and Boychuk aren't playing.
  5. Sadly, the defense / penalty kill was a bright spot this year. Relatively speaking.
  6. I’m not going by some talking head, or radio segment, I’m going by what I’ve seen so far, and taking them at face value. Shanadube said nothing is changing. I wish I didn’t believe them. But I do.
  7. We don't even qualify as a laughingstock anymore. It's too goddamn sad.
  8. I can see that. But really, it just comes off as more of the entitlement than anything, for me. "We're right where we wanna be." "Any team would like to have our guys" "No issue with the commitment or effort" "the puck just didn't go in" "I thought the preparation was good" etc. There's no change forthcoming, as they don't see an issue. They're all doing great, we just can't see it. .... ...
  9. What a complete farce. Only hope is after the drafts (reg and expansion) the board says enough and pulls the plug on Shanny, Dubas, and Keefe. Otherwise, what a great year leaf fans are in store for…. …again.
  10. The Godfather approves… One down, three to go.
  11. You got me there!! But our mgmt “believes in the group” so I doubt they’re prepared to face this. On a side note, the leafs will indeed be in tough to make the playoffs next year. They were up 2pts on FLA, who had a game in hand with 12 games left to go last season. If the north was a one off, and the division returns to normal as expected, it’s a coin flip.
  12. This is a huge leap. You’re asking a kid that didn’t look very comfortable against AHL’ers for much of the year to back up, and/or carry the mail if Jacks injury troubles are repeated? Can’t see that happening.
  13. I think we’re past the part about them needing to be professionals. Now, it’s enough to just be a good person, that’s good in the room. Dressing room, bathroom, kitchen nook, any room will do, I think.
  14. More “good teammates” you say? Awesome!
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