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  1. Yeah, no. Once the statement was put out, someone was gonna pay. Either Dolan’s $, or the fall guy(s). Shocking that Dolan chose the money, right?
  2. *ringtone* Hello? --Hello, Mr Dolan. How’d you like to save a half million dollars or so? Sure, that’d be great. --I thought so. Well you’re a busy man, with some things to take care of, so I won’t keep you. Good to talk to you. Bu-bye.
  3. ...yeah, probably just coincidental timing... lol
  4. ...and there’s your response from the league.
  5. Never thought I'd say this, but thanks covid. Without you a shitload of actual hockey fans would've paid a shitload of money to watch 33 in black and white dominate the performance.
  6. Ugh. Bad turnover by Sandin. Both the kids looking like kids tonight so far. Plenty of time.
  7. Good to see the habs best player have a strong start. Nice job, stripes. What a flop.
  8. Habs can't compete at 5v5. MTL's best players wearing armbands. Laughable.
  9. Yup. And getting paired up with Muzz. A legit role, with a quality partner. A big opportunity for the kid. Excited for the look!
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