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  1. I don’t know that it’s fair to say he’d beat them without breaking a sweat, the vast majority of people said the same thing about Silva vs weidman and gsp vs Serra. Adesenya has walked through what looked like killers row in middleweight and I’m not sure who stops him right now.
  2. I can’t help but feel like khabib retiring now is very similar to Mcgregor retiring after the Aldo fight and being called the goat. Maybe if he didn’t lose to Diaz in the first fight and beat Alvarez like he did. It’s just premature IMO, 4 title defences and like 3 high end fights can’t make you a goat. I liked Ferguson’s chances initially but not after he was dominated by gathje.
  3. Jones is a shitty person, he’s still a top 2 fighter of all time
  4. They’re all on steroids - Nate Diaz You can’t say khabib would have done anything, that’s just not how it works. GSP and Jones have done it, khabib has not.
  5. He’s dominated his entire career, but he’s also had pretty limited top end fights. I have a hard time saying someone with 4 title defenses and maybe a handful of fights against top of the line fighters as the goat. GSP and jon Jones both have far longer resumes with similar domination for the majority of it.
  6. Not really.. you got more than expected for kapanen and less for johnsson
  7. I’m a pretty big fan of the moves so far, it’s clear that serviceable grit was a priority. Simmonds, bogosian and Anderson (potentially) all provide that. Also think the D should be improved with Brodie over Barrie and hopefully Reilly can excel with a massive partner upgrade from ceci
  8. I like Kapanen but it’s a very solid return. Let’s see what else happens during the off-season now with some more assets and cap space to play with
  9. Jesus. No they aren’t going to demote marner after losing a playoff game 1-0. No they shouldn’t play Martin fucking Marincin over literally anybody on the roster. No swapping engvall for gauthier isn’t going to make a huge difference. Calm down.
  10. Doc is a lost cause, but you can’t seriously not see the issue with that logic when talking about this team
  11. Not really no, it’s currently July. It’s cherry picking stats to create a narrative, like the media always does in Toronto. Holtby had an .807 SV% in October, Washington isn’t worried. Merzlikins had a .911 SV% in October, I doubt the leafs are worried.
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