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  1. Who reaches their peak at 20?
  2. Our noted mechanics expert sure didn’t think so. Being said, this is next year's problem.
  3. Re-evaluate in the summer if you think Woll is for real, then. That seems like the best course of action imo.
  4. Hughes’ contract is going to look like a steal when he breaks out.
  5. It benefits the Leafs a hell of a lot more to have Mrazek get healthy than it does to be back in a situation where you're one injury away from Hutch being on the team.
  6. A combination of lingering affects and no training camp + preseason are likely reasons why. Additionally, 5v5 S% is down across the league as a whole so far this season.
  7. Just wait until he starts shooting higher than half his career S% at 5v5. We're in for some fun.
  8. Best of luck to Robbie in Seattle. The opt-out after year 3 is a bigger separator than the 5M more he’s making over Gausman I would imagine. Still many options via trade and free agency out there.
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