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  1. Yeah, listening to people who have taken multiple blows to the head has really worked out well for the NHL so far. Oh wait. Putting idiots in charge of important decisions and enabling the actions of guys like Wilson is one of many reasons why hockey will never be as popular as it should be.
  2. Another one of those "You didn’t play the game so what do you know?" people. Sigh.
  3. Or the fanboys that eat up every that’s said by Spittin Chiclets...
  4. Nah, everyone gets a 5K fine. The standard has been set.
  5. This shit doesn’t happen if Parros did his job. Players had to police themselves. That’s a 5K fine for Buchnevich.
  6. It's tough having to fight someone who's standing up and facing you.
  7. Yes. Those picks ending up being Seguin and Dougie Hamilton.
  8. At least guys like Marchand have been able to clean it up a bit. Wilson will never get it.
  9. Yeah, Wilson pulling Panarin’s hair and trying to German suplex him into the ice is super manly stuff.
  10. You defending Wilson is the least surprising thing ever, so transparent.
  11. It certainly wasn’t for performance reasons when they sent a letter to fans asking them to be patient for a rebuild once Lundqvist left.
  12. Lmao so it’s the other way around then, awesome.
  13. Never mind the fact the Rangers have been the biggest off-ice shitshow all season between this, the D’Angelo situation, and the Panarin situation.
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