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  1. Tampa’s an elite team. They’re not a team that doesn’t make the playoffs under normal circumstances, and they’re not a team that has to play 1998 trap hockey to win games. You can argue the Islanders are a top 10 team. That’s where it ends.
  2. There are people who know what winning in Toronto means, and there are people who understand what winning in Toronto means. The latter group is rare, but Boudreau might be one of few that understands imo.
  3. Good thing his previous performances have no bearing on the current day. Almost like him, along with Auston and Mitch (if he sticks around) are still getting better as they enter their peak years.
  4. Nylander deserves absolutely zero criticism for his playoff performance this season. Easier to be condescending, apparently.
  5. Very few head coaching vacancies left and most teams (aside from New York and Seattle) have gone with internal options. Boudreau doesn't have many options on the table.
  6. Yeah, watching middling teams that are good at winning 2-1 games when the league puts its whistles away sure is great hockey! It’s actually good when the guys the NHL markets the heaviest don’t go far in the playoffs. If this was the best Vegas was going to do, they could’ve just rolled over and let Colorado handle this. Very selfish.
  7. Teams are rewarded relying on shitty hockey and the NHL is the only league that has such a drastic change in the standard from the regular season to the playoffs. "The Good Ole Hockey Game" indeed.
  8. I mean, not everybody wants to continue basing their hockey opinions off of what Cherry told them when they were seven years old.
  9. It shouldn't happen when no other sport has such a drastic change in the standard from the regular season to the playoffs. It’s embarrassing.
  10. They should fire Manny into the sun, but transitioning him over to the PK (when he was an elite PK guy as a player) and hiring Boudreau to run the PP should be considered. This team needed Boudreau on the bench last year, he was willing to take a demotion to come here.
  11. If 56 games of dominance can be invalidated by a team playing guys like Edmundson and Chariot 20 minutes a night on purpose, it's pretty understandable why some will choose to be not invested for a full 82 again.
  12. Compensation for GM's and coaches was gone years ago, so no.
  13. Would he though? The guy has looked like Freddy this series.
  14. Doesn’t even need to test positive for rum to say lines like that.
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