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  1. Remember when Joonas fuckin' Korpisalo was a hot goalie? Joonas Korpisalo.
  2. Remember Chris Didomenico? Had a promising start and then career derailed due to a brutal injury. Nick's isn't as severe, I don't think but.... I hope the injury trouble doesn't follow the same path.
  3. Keefe needs to put Mitch on PP2 and use Tavares in the bumper spot and give Simmonds/Ritchie/Bunting front net presence on PP1. He won't because, well, Keefe is too predictable and safe with his moves. He'll bench Nylander the moment he makes a bad mistake but never Mitch, or anyone else he favours.
  4. What's the point of having Liljegren sit in the press box? Great for his development. Nice way to reward the kid after a solid game.
  5. In cancel culture, how has he not been cancelled yet?
  6. Minus 2 noticeable mistakes, Lilly was solid and really needs to play more. Seems Sandin gets a big leash, he got undressed by Ennis badly this game. Let the kids make some mistakes early on and see what we got with them.
  7. Semyonov, Ho-Sang and Robertson are apparantly playing really well. Give me Semyonov over Amadio and Ho-Sang over Simmonds if things continue.
  8. Just when you think the last embarrassing Leaf thing happens, they do one better, jesus
  9. More proof that Rielly ain't getting anything below 8M.
  10. Keefe also needs to do something. He's a one trick pony, "load up the top line"
  11. Nylander has easily been the best Leaf the past two games. He looks like a completely different player since that MTL series.
  12. Y'know, could have had some fresh legs in Liljegren and Semyonov tonight. But ok.
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