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  1. Robertson with a broken leg… This kid can’t catch any luck.
  2. I liked this signing when it happened and I’ll give it some time especially for him to get a look with Matthews on his wing before making a decision about his play and whether he deserves to be in the top six or not. At the moment, he’s looking more of a 3rd liner to me but that can change when a player like Matthews comes back and plays with him.
  3. Kase and Engvall have looked solid as well. Rest of the forwards definitely need to step it up.
  4. Leafs to sign U of T's Bishop to ATO, will serve as backup vs. Sens Lol, this keeps getting comical… What a start to a new season.
  5. Kinda hard to improve the depth and players around the core when they maximized every penny they can pull out of Dubas in a cap world.
  6. Nylander has been our best player. To think this guy got so much heat for his contract lmaooo
  7. It’s so fucking quiet in there , especially after going so long without fans in the arenas… Pathetic
  8. Marner will be in the lineup tonight. No way you miss the season opener from a little bump like that in practice and are a game time decision.
  9. Sucks loosing Brooks but it’s not the end of the world. I’d take Amadio over Brooks anyways.
  10. I wouldn’t trade with Montreal unless we come out as the clear cut winners in the trade. However, I do think it’s a good idea to package Dermott with someone like Mikheyev to get a slight upgrade on Dermott on the blueline.
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