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  1. Ya I don't know if I'd be busting out the populist argument here. The NFL has far more issues and it's the most popular game in the North America. Hockey isn't a fabric game outside of Canada, that's why it's not as popular as the MLB and NFL.
  2. Yeah the circus came and went. Good thing Parros showed up to the game.
  3. Keeps getting better. Parros is attending the game tonight.
  4. Well this is entertaining at least.
  5. Except John Davidson has been pretty good for that organization. Literally pulled rug out from Rangers. Plus they forgot to fire Quinn it looks like. The work of Dolan strikes again
  6. Right, so it’s going well for the Rangers then?
  7. I’m just saying Bettman is to the league what a “Don”is to La Cosa Nostra in the 70s. You call out the NHL even implicitly it’s going to go badly for you.
  8. Lmao well the Rangers just turned this into an even bigger shitshow. Boy they sure showed the league. Anyone else like to tell me I’m lost? Please I beg of you peasants
  9. You’re free to deal in fan fiction I’m free to scorn it
  10. Well that will make it easier to follow this game then just in case shit happens
  11. Ok. This is an example of me knowing my audience and ignoring certain items. so moving on, I don’t think Rangers will dress Geertsen tonight but I hope they do. I’ll have my TV on the Leafs game and my laptop on the Rangers/Caps game.
  12. Weird how Logan was able to follow the sequence of events and even respond to i you actually have very little intellect and can only post responses like hurr durr your lost or dumb bastard. That’s fine I know my audience I’ll just simply ignore your ramblings when you go in “storm the US capital attack mode”
  13. Item 2: my response to Sandman’s post
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