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  1. Wait who is blaming the Leafs on Bettman? Weird turn the conversation took?
  2. There are many people that still think Trump lost because the election was rigged. Are you surprised that people defend Bettman?
  3. Just saying been an Ovie fan since day 1. Even through “controller disconnected-gate”. I’ve never felt better.
  4. And some focus on the big picture- how the team is built vs how it’s performing/performed and measure expectations. Others focus on small picture and can’t see the bigger picture. Whatever makes YOU happy.
  5. Apologists are out in full force early in the season, every season. It usually takes until it’s too late for them and sometimes they make excuses even after.
  6. They have the star power so that’s exciting to watch. And if people are awed by individuals with great talent, there’s nothing wrong with that - a bit cliched and a bit naive if it’s assumed that it will automatically equal team success however. the issue is that there’s no team game, no playing for the other guy, no push back when the chips are down. They simply don’t know how. They go out and try to play an emotionless and mathematical game. Until they are injected with whatever is required that gives them another gear, we’re just watching modern day Joe Thornton’s and Alexei Koval
  7. Unlucky bounces. Hot goalie. Plays the leafs tough. sure sounds a lot like the excuses we hear at the end of the season too. Mostly excuses for losers. But hey, it’s possible to be unluckiest, bounciest, hot goalie running into team in the history of the NHL. Anything is possible if your delusional
  8. It’s honestly reaching levels of apathy I don’t remember seeing since the very late 80s early 90s -pre Fletcher/Burns.
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