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  1. What’s the expected return on this sign and trade
  2. Dubas is far too in love with the players he has to do what needs to be done
  3. n0nsense

    2021 Off-Season

    You post on HF? Your attitude makes sense
  4. n0nsense

    2021 Off-Season

    Even if he did it was well after his career ended so not even in the same ball park you big dumb oaf. I’m not even sure he did though so there’s also that and considering the now source of it. Though it’s possible he did after he split with his wife in 20 fucking 12. the problem with idiots like you is whenever breakthroughs like this occur you have to grasp at something to downplay it. You’re a fool that opens his mouth far too often without saying much at all. Now fuck off back to your Facebook news hole.
  5. n0nsense

    2021 Off-Season

    Thanks I made it myself with paint.
  6. n0nsense

    2021 Off-Season

    Hasek didn’t “come out as gay” you asshat. And neither did some player in the 60s or 70s. This guy…just wakes up and decides fuck it I’m gonna spew some bullshit today
  7. Fucking mercy rule please. Getting a taste of our own medicine.
  8. Another expansion team that looks like it won't be too badly built from the get go. Gone are the days of the expansion teams going 10-70 or 10-71 in their inaugural seasons.
  9. It's going to be great time to return for the 10 game home stand starting the Bosox. Also, great weekend. Always feels good smashing the clown org. that is the Rangers outscoring them 25-2 lol over the three games.
  10. They didn't trade for McCann to protect Kerfoot you absolutely monkey Wilma. Jesus christ on a bicycle. There has to be a side deal here or Dubas done lost his shit.
  11. n0nsense

    2021 Off-Season

    Bridesmaids? Lmao. Not even the usher
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