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  2. I think Ottawa will be a formidable team next year. The Leafs shouldn't automatically expect to finish ahead of them.
  3. All 4 of the teams left in the NBA playoffs are legitimately fun to watch and their standard of play doesn’t drastically change in the playoffs. Then again, you don’t watch anything outside of hockey and you’re more of a Lou fan than a Leafs fan, so I shouldn’t even bother. Nobody believes in good faith that a potential Islanders - Habs final is anything but stupid.
  4. Dubas’ legacy in Toronto might end up being that he at least stayed ahead of Ottawa
  5. I mean if they get a goalie like Carey Price any group of 20 can win apparently
  6. Honestly the entire upper management deserves to be fired if they think they can run this back and be successful with this group
  7. When you have management saying, " Hey guys, you did your best, we're proud of you", what do you expect from the players? The rot at the top needs to be excised. Vegas was almost good enough to win the Stanley Cup, but do you think the GM will stand pat this off season. There will be big changes. That's accountability.
  8. Mitch plays like fucking shit and should hand in his contract for that, proceeds to say 'WE need to be better'. this team is filled with losers, starting at the top, going all the way down.
  9. And that is exactly what Babcock was trying to 'put' into this team, yeah, the way of him trying to do it was insane, but he knew what was needed. Dubas wants a gentlemens buddy team, and that's what he got.
  10. "Would you do anything different?" "Nope" That's what we get out of our disgrace of a team
  11. Today
  12. I'm all for accountability, but give the Habs some credit. They had their hockey sticks up Vegas' asses all series.
  13. LOL And still, some people would rather have one of the other 3 goalies.
  14. One thing that does stay consistent is teams having a couple of core players willing to play on the edge and even straddle it from time to time. We don’t have that. We have a team that keeps their head down and plays like gentlemen.
  15. Anyone catch Stone's comments after the series loss? Guy took FULL responsibility for being ass. Our core? "They thought they played well." LOL
  16. This. Most posters on here think Tampa is successful because of their skill only, and they postulate that Tampa is the team Shanahan and Dubas are using as a model to strive for. The truth is, the Leafs aren't remotely similar to Tampa, and the big difference is not the skill level. It's the "mean and play hard".
  17. i honestly dont recall this incident, what happened?
  18. Truth. They get intimidated and don’t seem to be too bothered by it. Fortunately, by round 3 teams with that attitude is long gone.
  19. The Habs aren’t playing bad I guess. But anyone who thinks that Price doesn’t have a sore back from carrying this team especially past this round hasn’t watched a minute of this series. The defensemen aren’t shutting down shit. They’re getting beat in all spots on the ice and price is there like a fucking wall every time. He is now entering the realm of legendary playoff performance. Another series win and it will go down next to Patrick Roy and Jacques Plante as one of the greatest goaltending playoffs performances ever. This is getting on par with Haseks work in Buffalo in t
  20. Think back to Boston play when he was called out on both national broadcasts. Unlike a small minority, I don’t ever want to see that rewarded in the playoffs.
  21. Ain't that the truth. I've been preaching that on here for ions. Just look at my sig.
  22. Using that line is ludacris because we only took them to 5 games....they took us to 7 and promptly eliminated us. I certainly would like to see how they approach this season coming (training and player management).
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