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  2. that still worries you? After 3 years of excuses - you're still worried? Damn, sorry man.
  3. What about Rielly, Sandin, Lilli, Kase and Engvall? All of these players are probably gonna be looking for raises next year and then the year after.... This team is built for success, now, what's here is affordable, now, maximizing their value for the present is what should be going on now. I'd still like to see the lines altered, altho, TO has looked good the last 2 games except for the results.
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  5. Dude you need to settle down a bit. I am sure most people here don't like Bettman. Myself included.
  6. I would in theory be fine with getting rid of the cap if it would help us win. unfortunately we have 35 years of no cap and no cup.
  7. im more worried about marner's response to his utterly shit play.
  8. Speaking of, this is some top notch shit:
  9. At least we agree on fuck the Habs
  10. Sounding like Strome is done in Chi-town.
  11. I think we've seen 2 decades of why not. It's utterly disheartening to me to see this clown even afforded shitty excuses like "didn't have much of a choice", from actual hockey fans. With such a wake of canceled games, playoffs, seasons, folded teams, ownership scandals, etc, what has he done to solicit even the most passive defense? And I feel I must point out the initial post in this series, that absolutely no one seems to want to address, that being that MLS has taken the NHL's place as the 4th major sport in the US. Guess he couldn't help it, right?
  12. As a Leafs’ fan, I’m fine with abolishing the cap, as a hockey fan, I’m not sure. There are things that I like about it and things that I don’t. It does seem that the way they’ve set the cap up in the NHL leads to loopholes. You never really hear that problem in the NFL. Also, I don’t think you can completely blame the cap for the situation now. The pandemic and the GMs’ own greed/lack of awareness play a big part as well. Maybe the cap needs tweaking, but I wouldn’t be ready to scrap it just yet.
  13. Meh, not really worried about Hutch starting.
  14. Reminding a player he’s making millions of dollars to play hockey is quite the insult… 😐
  15. Seems like everyone forgot he was actually quite good last season. Given how the schedule looks, they aren’t forced to run Hutchinson out against good teams either.
  16. Hutch proved last year he can be capable if the team plays well in front of him.
  17. Small markets, shitty arenas, and a declining Canadian dollar. I don't like Bettman either, but he didn't have much of a choice imo. Now if he could abolish the salary cap... that would be nice. It's not just me saying that as a Leafs fan, when about a third of the league is using LTIR relief to stay under the salary cap. Bettman was intent on growing hockey in the south throughout the 90's and Phoenix is one of only 13 US metropolitan areas to have representatives of all four major professional sports leagues. At the time, why not?
  18. And I predicted a 3-2 Leafs win thinking Jack was in. 5-3 loss.
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  20. I think that line can work but if not there are a few other guys who can try to fill the Hyman hole.
  21. And that's just in the last 8 years.
  22. Clearly, the answer was Arizona.. .... .. But hey! At least he doubled down on a failed market in Atlanta, all to eventually bring hockey back to Winnipeg!
  23. if that's true, i'm just not sure how I'm supposed to blame bettman for that? I wish doc j who maligns these moves so much would make the case for that to me, but he refused before to make the argument and I guess he is again? Like i'm open to hearing about how he might be to blame, but... it just has never come.
  24. If I recall correctly, the Canadian dollar was weak at the time too. There was no salary cap as well. Edmonton was a last minute save by a group of local of investors away from moving too. I’m not a big Bettman fan. Personally, I think the guy comes across as an arrogant twat, but the salary cap, which came in under his watch, could have potentially saved the Winnipeg and Quebec franchises at that time.
  25. Financial problems and an aging arena in a small market killed them, if anything.
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