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Check your roof for signs of weakness



The official start of winter is just a couple of weeks away, but winter weather is already here. It’s the toughest season of the year for your roof. Winter is not the time of year you want to discover a problem with your. So if you haven’t done so already, now is a good time to make sure that your roof is ready for winter.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when it comes to making sure your roof is ready for winter.

Roof maintenance dos and don’ts

Do keep your rain gutters and downspouts free of debris. When leaves and twigs clog your rain gutters, water can’t drain freely off of your roof. Water that can’t drain off your roof can freeze and cause serious problems for your roof.

Don’t paint your roof or apply any kind of coating to it in order to give your home a new look. Doing so can void the warranty on your roofing shingles. It can also cause your roof to not perform as it should.

Do pay especially close attention to the flashing on your roof. Flashing protects the vulnerable parts of your roof such as areas where two roofing planes meet or where vents and chimneys meet your roof. Make sure there are no gaps and that the flashing isn’t deteriorating.

Don’t use a rake to remove leaves or snow from your roof. You can damage your shingles and shorten the lifespan of your roof.

Do perform a roofing inspection from the ground. You can also inspect the roof on your first story from your second story windows. No matter how comfortable you are with heights, climbing up on your roof can be dangerous, especially in the winter months. For a more thorough inspection, have a roofer perform an inspection.

Don’t forget to ask your roofing contractor about a license, insurance, and their warranty. If you do have some repairs or maintenance work that needs to be done. Make sure the roofing contractor your hire meets a few important criteria. A reputable roofer will have a license to do roofing work in your community. A reputable roofer will have insurance to cover any damage to your home and any injuries to roofers working on it. Finally, a reputable roofer will offer a warranty on any repair work that they do.

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Source: saukvalley.com/2014/12/04/how-to-check-asphalt-shingle-roof-for-winter-weakness/aytgial/

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